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Workplace Assessment

Planning and Building Design

Home Assessment Process


The assessment process is expected to take about 2 to 3 hours depending upon the complexity of the electrical layout and the number of bedrooms in the home. Every home presents different issues and that is why you need an assessor which can implement individualized creative approaches.

Outside EMF Measuring

When we arrive, you might see us taking external measurements. It is part of the process to determine if outside radiation sources are a possible contributor to your interior environment.

Radiation Readings in Your Living Space

This evaluation is to understand your exposure during daytime with emphasis in the areas you spend most of your time like the kitchen, an office area or lounge area. There are tips we can offer to lessen your exposure that are easy for you to make.

The Bedroom as a Sanctuary

Since the bedroom(s) are the most important place(s) to be addressed because of the need for an EMF quiet space for repair and regeneration of the cellular body, we spend most of the time there. Four areas of evaluation are: existing magnetic fields, electric fields from wiring, radio/microwaves (RF) and geopathic stress.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before You Buy or Rent
What You Cannot See CAN Harm You! It is well known that environmental pollutants such as mold, asbestos and lead are to be avoided or mitigated before moving into a house. Prospective buyers pay for these inspections to assure that the home is a healthy place to move into. Consider the unseen forces in all homes as sources of another pollution called electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

EMF Pollution Another Home Environment Concern

Electricity from our AC power grid produces pulses of alternating current at 60Hz in the US. Electric fields emerge from wiring because voltage is present whether, for instance, a lamp is turned on or not. This means while in our homes 60 times every second our body is bombarded by this non-native electric fields---yes, 24/7. We are electric beings and are affected by the man-made pollution of electric, magnetic and radio frequency fields (EMFs). Magnetic fields are produced where there is electric current flowing. There are well known health consequences from exposure to magnetic fields from cancer to melatonin blockage. In the 2018 NTP (National Toxicology Program) studies, radio frequencies, wireless radiation (i.e. cell phones, tablets, cell towers, wifi, smart meters, etc.) were found to cause tumors in brain, heart and adrenals in mice. In 2011, the WHO (World Health Organization) and IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified cell phone and wireless devices as a Class 2B carcinogen. These studies used 2G and 3G technology. Now that 5G is upon us, what will be the effect on our biological system after exposure to those untested frequencies?

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EMF Inspection—A Good Idea for Home Purchase or Rental

Having all the facts about the health of your home just makes good sense. Defining the exposure to external magnetic fields is the first step. Since external magnetic fields (i.e. from transmission and local distribution lines) cannot be mitigated against and if their strength when measured inside is in a known “danger” range, it might well be decided that the house is not a healthy place for you and your family. Fortunately, electric and internal magnetic fields as well as radio frequencies can be mitigated against through elimination and shielding. An EMF inspection will inform you about the EMF exposures and will prepare you for the possible strategies and their possible financial burden.

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EMFRental and EMFs – To Lease or Not To Lease--That is the Question!

Along the same line, knowing if the external magnetic fields are a problem for your rental is good to know before signing the lease. External magnetic fields cannot be eliminated nor shielded against. House rentals would have the same elimination and shielding strategies as a pre-purchase except you would determine whether the lease term would make mitigation a good return on investment. Apartment rentals in multi-unit buildings offers some other issues to look out for, but again it is information for you to consider, BEFORE signing a lease

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Workplace Assessment


Much time each day is spent in the workplace. Therefore, it makes sense to address this area especially if you are the decision maker of the company or if your workspace is inside your home. If the latter is the case, we will spend more time in that area during a home assessment to minimalize the radiation exposure.

With the workplace filled with more and more technology, it is harder to create a radiation free environment. However, there are adjustments that can be made to subdue the exposure. Our approach is to give employers and employees information of ways to improve the electromagnetic environment. If the workspace needs to be evaluated without employees, we will gladly arrange an appropriate time to do the assessment. Our findings and the implementation of the changes will be at your discretion.

Businesses are evaluated by their bottom line. The bottom line here is that a healthier workplace makes for a happier, more productive workforce.

Planning and Building Design Services

architectural drawing

The most advantageous time to incorporate radiation protection is during the planning stage of a building or home. Because new homes are designed, built and wired for modern conveniences and technology, most new homes have increased radiation exposure and become a health burden to the occupants. Our approach is to work with your building team (architect, builder, electrician) to incorporate radiation protection or elimination solutions.

Of course we expect the home should be a safe haven and protect us from weather or burglars. Should it not protect and support the health of the inhabitants? There is a long but obscured history of ill health effects (neurasthenia) from ELFs (Extremely Low Frequencies from wiring, etc). Creating a healthy environment with avoidance, elimination or shielding strategies is vitally important so the body can fight disease more effectively and replenish life’s energy reserves.

Get an early start

Early involvement in the planning process is key. A visit to the site prior to purchase will give us an opportunity to evaluate an unaddressable radiation from the outside sources. Magnetic fields produced by transmission or distribution lines cannot be mitigated against. Exposure to High Frequencies (RF and microwave) from cell, microwave or radio/TV towers can be shielded against inside, but if outdoor living is enjoyed, the exposure could also affect health.

What to expect....

After an evaluation of the readings at the proposed building site, we would take a look at your building plans if the project had progressed that far. From that investigation, we would put together strategies that would avoid the radiation exposure found in most homes and shield against external radiation sources if required or desired. Again, together with you and your building team, we would review ways to implement solutions which can be tastefully hidden with the walls, ceilings, poured slab and foundations, etc.


Depending where value is placed—dollars and cents vs. healthy living environment, the implications of not implementing the improvements would be reflected in future healthcare cost and quality of life. The mitigation cost which might be between .5% to 2% cost of building (depending upon the extensiveness of the mitigation) can be considered as an investment. Part two of the investment picture is the increased value of selling a shielded healthy home. As more and more people suffer from electrohyper-senstivity, homes with shielding and mitigation in place will be desirable homes to purchase.