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In general, and fortunately, the EMFs that are encountered in a home assessment can be mitigated through proven strategies. Radiation (EMF) exposure comes from inside the home or workplace and from outside that enters the indoor environment because most building materials cannot block these frequencies. During an assessment, these strategies will be discussed.

The protection strategy will depend on the findings during the assessment. External sources for magnetic fields cannot be shielded against. Internally, magnetic fields from faulty wiring or dimmer switches (which also cause dirty electricity) can be mitigated against. Electric fields are elimated through cutoff switches for offending circuits. Radio frequencies are shielded against with shielding paint, mesh and fabrics. The shielding paint and mesh will also shield against electric fields. Natural radiation from the earth can also contribute to the stress load on the body. Our assessment will include locating stressors such as underground water veins, fault lines, ground mixing Hartman and Curry lines (earth's own magnetic fields). These can easily and effectively be deflected by the use of shielding mats under the bed.

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The Bedroom as a Sanctuary

At night the body repairs and regenerates, removes and recycles debris from cellular metabolism and fights free radicals also produced by the metobolic process. Darkness and a quiet EMF environment make it possible for melatonin production with the release made possible by natural light exposure in the am. Here is a short clip from "Resonance: Begins of Frequency" that talks about this.

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Strategies to do yourself

1. Turn off WiFi especially at night, but better to connect computers and printers via ethernet cables.2. Home office—computers—use shielded power cords and extension cords. Use a separate extension cord that can be turn off on all electronics that are rarely used.
3. On a laptop computer, use a separate keyboard and mouse. This is a very inexpensive fix and reduces your exposure 10-fold from magnetic fields produced by your computers.
5. Replace CFLs (compact fluorescent) and dimmable LEDs with incandescent. CFL and LEDs emit radio frequencies. Replace cordless phones with corded phones. Cordless base stations emit RF radiation 24/7.

HOWEVER, Magnetic fields from distribution lines from the street cannot be mitigated against. The inverse square law is the best strategy. The further your bedroom is from these lines, the weaker the field.


kill switch
This strategy is used with electric fields. For the bedroom to be “quiet” from electric fields, a system of cutting off the circuit breakers at night eliminates or reduces them to a safe level. Even when nothing is turned on or if a circuit not used by your bedroom is in the wall, ceiling or floor, electric fields reach 6 to 12 feet into the room depending upon voltage. During the assessment the offending circuits are identified. A good strategy is to purchase a cut-off or kill switch which has to be installed by an electrician. The switch is activated at bedtime with a remote.
analogue meter
Replace your smart meter with the former analog meter. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Smart meters bath us in RF frequencies, create dirty electricity and use our electricity to transmit our personal information hundreds of times a day.


Radio frequencies from outside i.e. cell and microwave towers for radio and television, cell phone towers, smart meters are transmitted through our walls and windows. The good news is they can be shielded against.
kill switch
Shielding Paint: The T98 Shielding Paint from Geovital is an electrically conductive primer for shielding against and the leading away of radiation. This shields from the external high frequencies (radio and microwave) that can penetrate most building materials and from electric fields created by wiring. T98 paint can be used inside or on the outside. Two coats will give shielding effectiveness of 99.9999% which translates in tech language to 50db for frequencies up to 40Ghz. It is showing exceptional performance against 5G.
Nova Fabric
Shielding Fabrics: How to protect from High Frequencies (HFs or RFs) coming in from the windows. Geovital developed a fabric called Nova that would shield against HFs and is also attractive enough as a stand-alone window covering. It can be incorporated into window treatments or can be used as a canopy around the bed. It is washable, iron-able and sew-able. Nova is a patented high-tech fiber of thin copper wires coated with silver are cocooned in polyester and delivers effectiveness up to 40db against 20Ghz radio/microwave frequencies.
Shielding Mesh: The GPA mesh also from Geovital is another shielding strategy that can be used either inside or outside. It can be placed under floor covering to eliminate electric fields and RF fields from the floor below. Like the paint, a ground connection is needed to make the stray currents leave to the building ground. An outside application might be underneath the building siding, under roof materials. The mesh is a woven fiberglass material with metal woven through out and coated with T98 shielding paint.
shielding mat
Shielding Mat for Bed: The natural forces (Geopathic Stress) that effect us while sleeping can be deflected by the use of under bed mats. Geovital has used these mats for their patients for over 25 years. Based on using interference shielding, they are designed to use counter-oscilating circuits to prevent the build-up of radiaton. In building a new home, construction mats can be incorporated in the building to deflect the natural radiation throughout the house.