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towers cropping up everywhere

Have you noticed that everywhere you look, you see cell towers cluttering our landscape?

The visual reminders are menacing enough. The industry is getting clever with concealing the transmitters/receivers because the implementing of 5G reuires many small cells to deliver the information to the receiver(the one with the 5G device). Since the technology is not quite perfected yet, many more 4G LTE towers are being added.

The electromagnetic spectrum…Picture this!

The linear graph shows the large range of waves/frequencies in the electromagnet spectrum. Notice the span of frequencies used in modern technology .The EMFs that we can see are in the visible light spectrum. The infrared light is light as heat that we can feel. Except for these frequencies, we cannot consciously perceive any of the vast range of other frequencies without instruments that are designed to find them. However, the brain can sense them without sensations being perceived consciously. Having said that, there is a growing segment of the population that are able to do so, and it is known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). It is a condition that makes it hard to impossible to live in a highly charged environment from non-native EMFs.

Key point is that the way to detect the EMFs in our midst is through instruments (meters) that are calibrated to the frequency range of the intended detection.

EMF Graph

EMF Hunting

We have professional meters that can detect EMFs. We look for readings thought the daytime areas but focus mostly on the bedroom(s). From the readings we can assess whether the level of exposure to the body is in the guidelines established by our association with Geovital, an Austrian Naturopathic Health Clinic. This is actual patient-based data from 35+ years of experience in assessing and mitigating EMFs.

Electric fields

These are ELFs (Extremely Low Fields) that are in the wiring without anything turned on. As long as there is voltage in the wiring, there are electric fields These fields reach 6 feet to 8 feet into the room.

Distribution Lines
Magnetic fields

These are caused from current flowing (something is turned on). Sometimes the magnetic fields come into the home from the distribution lines along a street. These fields can be generated from other sources such as faulty wiring, Shielding dirty electricity, dimmers, stray current, etc. Exposure to these fields have known health effects such as fertility problems, certain cancers, melatonin destruction, medication disruption.

Cell Tower
Radio and Microwave frequencies (RFs)

These are of a higher oscillation and this is modern technology’s usage area i.e. radio, television, smart meters microwave and cellular communication which come into our living areas. Inside radio frequencies are used with cordless phones, WiFi, alarm systems, baby monitors and “smart” appliances.

Water Veins
Geopathic Stress

There are naturally occuring stressors such as water veins, fault lines, ground mixing and grid lines from the earth's magnetic fields. Studies have shown, mainly in Europe, that these natural radiation points are called "cancer crossings." Instinctively most all creatures will avoid or seek this natural occuring radiation. Finding the location of these "currents" can determine bed placement in a room for avoidance or deflection with the use of under bed mats.

All of the above-mentioned EMFs have detrimental health effects. The unfathomable amount of man-made EMFs present in our environment create aberrant signaling to the mitochondria of the cells. More to the point, these frequencies “play” and operate in the quantum physics domain of the body—electrons, protons, photons, etc. The disruption to our body in that realm is where minute-imperceptible changes generate massive consequences.

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