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Humans have changed the electromagnetic environment for all life on earth

EMF Radiation is all around us. It has been part of earth’s environment since the beginning of life. What is different now? Until about 150 years ago, all life forms were in tune with natural EMFs’ spectrums and dosages. From the implementation of the AC power grid to 3G (not counting 4G and the coming of 5G) our exposure of non-native EMF has increased to an unfathomable number of 10+18. What will 5G do? It has not been tested or if it has, the information is “top secret.”

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What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Fields aka Electromagnetic Radiation. The electromagnetic spectrum of which sunlight--visible and invisible is a part represents frequencies from Extremely Low (ELFs) all the way to Cosmic Rays.

The part of the spectrum whose frequencies have been proliferated and the ones that modern man has tapped into is the area in which electrical, radio and microwave are a part. These frequencies drive the electrical power grid, all things electrical, radio and television transmitters/receivers, cellphones, smart meters and microwave transmitters/receivers, baby monitors, cordless phones, blue tooth devices, and on and on. Here is a link to EMF Radiation-Introduction by Patrick van der Burght.

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Health & EMF

Our bodies are ENERGY. EMFs are ENERGY. Our body has electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which can be measured (EEG-EKG). Our environmental sensors (mitochondria and special proteins) can sense all energy.

Over billions of years prior to modern technology, life on earth was quantized to the natural electromagnetic fields. The sensors’ job is to read the environment and initiate responses based on ancestral evolutionary programs—quantum levels of information. With chronic exposure to non-native EMFs, the altered environmental information creates a mismatch to the quantum evolutional processes programed in our cells. Here is what Dr. Mallory Blythe says about EMF's effects on our body. Click Here.

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What can be done?

Protect from non-native EMFs. Providing an enviornment for the body to restore and rejuvenate is key. Our approach is to make the bedroom a sanctuary. Why? We spend approximately one-third of our day there.

Having a place where the impact of EMFs is held at bay is the fundamental strategy. During the magic of deep restful sleep, many processes go on behind the scenes. For example, cellular waste is recycled, cells are repaired or recycled and replaced with new cells. The brain's fluid is recycled to remove debris. Paying attention to sleep hygiene along with a quiet EMF environment and a healthy mattress prepares the body for a new day. Ready to create your sanctuary? Contact us for a complementary phone consultation.

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